[Poem] African Sky (By Francis Kintu)

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

African sky we wait for the morning
We eagerly look at the wisps of your morning
Those are harbingers of the dawn of integration
We see slivers of light in the horizon
Portents of unity;
But the blood red- horizon covers your sky!

Blood still irrigates the parched earth
Black brothers embraced in a life and death struggle
Bayonets clang!
Artillery thunders
Gun smoke fills the air,
Nimbus clouds shower scant rain

On the parched earth below
The kola plant has withered,
Eaten by the relentless drought of endless wars
What a dawn to wish for,
When tribalism is the very weltanschauung
Of our politics!

African sky, tell me,
What of the morning?
Do we see the sun of integration,
Filtering through the thick canopy of tribalism
Internecine wars, despotism
Corruption and nepotism?

African sky blue
Shine on the destination
Of the long winding road ahead
Snaking through the unknown jungle
Through the thick foliage of gradualism,
Regionalism, supra-nationalism
Do you see the end in sight?

Nkrumah, Nyerere, Mbeki
Dabblers in the alchemy of African integration:
Can iron and clay mix?
Can the bewildering tapestry of African nations
Meld together in one humongous bloc
Of Pan African idealism?

African sky
Tell me,
That such a child will be born someday,
Thrust mewling and screaming
On the table of newly born
Pan African nationalism..

I can see a cloud as small as a man’s fist
Slowly growing bigger, bigger
Yes, such a child will born;
Should he be clothed in one Pan African cloth;

Or, in a cloak of different regional colors
For the benefit of African posterity…?


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