[Poem] I fear, I shudder…. (By Francis Kintu)

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Who are these strangers?

Carrying bushels of renminbi

They criss-cross Africa’s landscape

Snapping up mineral deals

With alarming ease

That befuddles the mind..

Like armies of red ants

They scour the land

Laugh all the way to our resources

While we are left

Clutching bagfuls of cash….

I fear the ease with which

We eagerly open our treasure houses,

Like we did earlier

When we welcomed strangers

Who cunningly whisked our land away

While tribal chiefs succumbed

To the allure of false riches….

I fear, I shudder….!

Where are we going..?

As the cash strapped

Dry land of Africa,

Greedily soaks the rain

Of relief that drops

From the eastern skies

What kind of crop

Will the ground yield?

I fear,

I shudder.

What is this I smell?

Altruistic free-booting


Is Africa being shanghaied

By another round

Of colonialism?

I fear, I shudder…


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