AFRIMINION and the Family of Mr Graduate (By Stacy Moiman Chembe)

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

“Baba Baba!” shouted Youjobless Graduate, the 22 year old son of Mr Graduate, a citizen of Mugabwe. How did the meeting at the AFRIMINION go?

“They just can’t seem to have enough of Him!” his father screamed angrily. “They told us that they supported democracy, and that they would ‘Promote the holding of regular free and fair elections to institutionalize legitimate authority of representative government as well as democratic change of governments’ Citizen participation was the order of the day”, he further yelled.

“What’s with the anger love?” said Mrs Graduate, in a sweet soothing voice as she swaggered into their middle class lounge.

“Baby!” said Mr Graduate, “AFRIMINION has gone to the dogs. Do you remember in June 2011, when we were invited to go to Unequatorial Guineafowl?”

“Oh yes love” said Mrs Graduate.  “How can I forget that place? The 52 luxury presidential villas, the conference hall, a landing strip, artificial beach, luxury hotel and the county’s first 18-hole golf course”, she stated with excitement.

“Babes!” interrupted Mr Graduate, “you seem to recall the luxuries offered by Teodoroever Obiinga President, the 72 year old god, the supreme authority over men and things”.

“Honey that is blasphemy! How dare you call him the country’s god!” bellowed Mrs Graduate.

“Hahahahahaha I did not say that, in 2003 the state-owned radio conferred him with such divinity” Mr Graduate responded.

“So it was a mockery of Christianity”  suggested Mrs Graduate.

“No Mom, he has been in power for 36 years” said Youjobless. He continued, “I am actually shocked that he spent $830 million in preparation for the conference, yet the average income of the people in Equatorial Guinea is below $1 a day”.

The father added, “It’s not only that. The theme of the summit was ‘Accelerating Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development.’ Yet education spending in Unequatorial Guineafowl was approximately US$200 million in 2008”.

“So Baba, did the AFRIMINION elect Teodoroever Obiinga President as its chairperson this year?” Youjobless asked.

“No my son” said the father as his eyes got teary. “Teodoroever Obiinga President was a chairperson in 2011 and 2012. This year it adopted Roboto Mugwabe as its chairperson”.

“Wasn’t he president before you and mom met? Way before I was born in the now defunct Warare General hospital?” asked Youjobless.

Before Mr Gradute could answer the barrage of questions from Youjobless, he leaned towards the table for his Samsung S5 (which costs a trillion Mugabwean Dollars).

At first glance, Mr Graduate could not believe his eyes and so he decided to pass the phone to his wife.

“You job less!” shouted his wife.

“Yes Mom” answered Youjobless.

“No, not you” his mother responded.

“Your father has been discharged from his duties because he failed to assist Roboto Mugwabe when he tripped”.

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