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The African Union (AU) has in recent months involved itself in the assessment of the forthcoming U.S. presidential elections, especially its implication for global peace and economic activities.

The AU is an institution that is built on the fundamentals of liberal democratic values and good governance. The institution has for a number of years been involved in many activities aimed at bringing peace and security, and good governance to troubled nation states.


The AU is, therefore, disturbed by the statements of the Republican Party candidate, Mr Donald J Trump on the possibility of electoral fraud during the elections on November 8 2016.


As demonstrated by the AU’s intervention efforts in many troubled spots across Africa, electoral fraud is an issue that the AU frowns upon.


In this respect, the AU has decided to intervene in this matter, so as to ensure that there is peace and order during and after the forthcoming elections.


Our intervention is predicated on a number of factors. One is the fact that the current U.S. president is our son, and his successes and failures are ours as well. Secondly, the African-American population is our Diaspora component, and as such, we are solely responsible for their safety and well-being. Thirdly, as part of the global community, it is our responsibility to ensure that there is global peace and stability.


In light of the above, the AU has taken the following decisions:


a) A committee of Heads of States and Government has been set up to assess Mr Trump’s claims. The Committee is headed by our father, HE Mr Robert Mugabe. He will be assisted by other eminent presidents such as Mr Yoweri Museveni (Uganda), Mr P Nkurunziza (Burundi), Mr P Kagame (Rwanda), Mr I Deby (Chad) and Mr P Biya (Cameroon).

b) One major task of this Committee is to immediately set up an AU election monitoring group, to be deployed to the U.S. with immediate effect.

c) In the situation where the U.S. government refuses to allow the observer group to enter the country, the AU will not hesitate to trigger the following measures:


i) Refuse to accept any aid from the U.S., including the contribution to the AU budget. (We would also enjoin our member states to stop receiving financial contributions from the U.S.);
ii) Refuse to recognize the “winner” of the November 8 elections, and will enjoin our member states to recall their diplomatic staff stationed in the U.S.;
iii) Issue a serious travel warning directive to African citizens intending to visit the U.S.;
iv) Enjoin our African-American brothers and sisters to come back home and take up African citizenship;
v) Place visa restriction on any American citizen involved in the so called electoral fraud episode;
vi) Activate article 4(h) of the AU Constitutive Act to intervene to protect the civilian population (especially our Diaspora community)


In the interim, the AU has directed all African embassies to open their doors to anyone or groups displaced by activities emanating from electoral disputes. The Committee will in the next few days announce measures for raising funds and materials for this initiative.


In conclusion, the AU implore the U.S. government to allow the AU fulfill its task as a member of the global community.


We, therefore, await the positive feedback of the U.S. government in this regard.


AU Spokesperson,
Thabo Ajanlekoko Keita


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